Vista Del Mar Home-SAFE

The zero-waste sheet metal screen system approach utilizes all parts of the material to compose the gradient of the facade.

Dynamically Design Perforated Panels, and Aggregate cutouts

We designed the size and location of our perforations based on the programmatic demands of the project. The storefront, as the inviting entry, is both more porous and well lit through the gradient arrangement of larger circles.  We utilized the opportunity to use the cutout pieces along with the perforated panels for a coherent exterior. The gradient inverts itself from its negative to positive playful facade system  the cutouts and


Below are unrolled elevation studies of the gradient  our design.

First section from the right has the perforated metal screen. The cut out pieces from the perforations are categorized with a sorting algorithm, and aggregation onto the stucco part of the facade. Our design utilizes all parts of the sheet metal, making a zero-waste facade system.

Unrolled Elevations - Looking at the gradient of Panels and Cutouts













The video below shows the making of the zero-waste gradient screen system. This script allows you to turn a polyline into modulated panels with perforations with respect to an attractor curve. The facade is animated gradually using the panels along with the cut out circles, minimizing the fabrication waste. Once the panels are perforated, the script takes a count of cut out circles, sorts them based on their diameter, and orients them on the interstitial parts of the façade with respect to the attractor curve.