Saddle Peak Residence

Calabasas, California
Renovation of a 4,000 square foot home in the Santa Monica Mountains. The design is a dramatic transformation from a generic tract house to a custom home that is responsive to its context and a hybrid of modern ideals and conventional volumes. Large incisions let light in and create an inside-to-outside connection. A composition of dark standing seam metal and vertical grain cedar on the existing massing give the appearance of three cut pieces, shifted side-to-side, the wood being the cut face. The cedar siding also carries from outside to in, bringing warmth to the home and reinforcing the inside-outside connection. Solar panels, thermal panels to heat the pool, and a thermally coupled HVAC system enable the home to largely function off-the-grid.
Completed Summer 2018
Brian Wickersham (Principal-in-Charge), Matthew Aulicino (PM), Jenny Barnish (ID), Ricardo Moura, Jeremy Fletcher, Sabina Lira, Louie Bofill, Elizabeth Pritchett, Burcin Nalinci, Henry Dominguez, Francisco Martinez
General Contractor - Gleicher Associates, Structural Engineer - Taylor & Syfan
Grant Mudford