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Founded in 2008, AUX Office (pron. ‘Ox’) is a Los Angeles based architecture studio. The English word auxiliary comes from the Latin word auxiliarius, meaning to aid or to help. In French, AUX (pron. ‘Oh’) means with; on your stereo it’s the jack that runs the newest and future gadgets. The firm’s name lies within these multiple definitions and in a sense of partnered utility. Brian Wickersham leads AUX Architecture. He is dedicated to the thorough investigation of functionality, spatial qualities, and materiality in the built environment. Brian leads the LA studio and has collaboratively evolved what was once a kitchen table pop-up focused on small-scale renovations into a firm with a national reach specializing in high-end residential, mixed-use, multifamily, workplace, hospitality, education and arts & performance arts projects. Brian is a process-oriented designer. His work relies equally on intuition, experience, pragmatism, serendipity, anarchy, research and collaboration. He is a licensed Architect, NCARB certified, and a LEED Accredited Professional. Prior to establishing AUX, Brian worked with Daly Genik Architects, Frank Gehry, and Graft.

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